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IceCarousel is a very powerful Joomla module with a large set of useful parameters to filter and order your Joomla Articles. It uses Ajax technology to change the slides, which can speed up your site in case you need to display many slides. The module is very easy to be set up and within 2 minutes your Joomla website will have a nice and customized as you wish carousel module.

Also the module support JoomShopping Extension to display your products. This part has its own paramters as well.

The IceCarousel Module is redistributed under the GPL license, so is free for use but note also that for all our Joomla Extensions we provide support from our Forums

IceCarousel Demo

On the below you can see an iceacarousel demo ,which uses the candy theme and K2 data mode.

Unique Features

  • Many useful paramters to display exactly those articles that your project require.
  • Automatically cropeed images with the width and height that you set up
  • Ajax technology to change slides, which can speed up your site if you need to display lots of items.
  • Fully support the JoomShopping Extensions. It has its own paramter to filter the products you need to display.

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