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  • Ultimo aggiornamento: Monday 06 May 2013.


IceMegaMenu Module

When the time came and we had to move to the new Joomla 1.6 version, we at IceTheme wanted to give you a special gift, well in fact one of most used modules... a new menu module. But the powerful IceMegaMenu extension is not the next simple menu module that you may find anywhere. No I'm sorry you will not...

Based from our long experience with Joomla and listening as well to your suggestions we are proud to preset one of our most mighty Joomla extension that we have ever built until now. But what makes the IceMegaMenu extension so great?!

First on the extension package you will find the module zip and the plugin zip. The module part has all the necessary features ready at your fingertips to run the menu exactly the way you need to. You will find features like the ability to load different themes (you may have a dark website), dropdown effect like slide, fade or both, ability to load images inside the menu items, dropdown opacity, ability to disable JavaScript and much more.

On the plugin part came the interesting part. After lots of request from our valuable members, now you are able to split the dropdown into as many columns as you wish and exactly the way you need to. Also you may load any Joomla modules inside the dropdown directly by selecting the module name or the module position. Another interesting feature that may be very handy to you is the ability to put for each menu item the width for the dropdown and the width for each column of the dropdown, so as you can see you have total control over the way the module operates.

IceMega Menu demo

In order to have an idea about icemegamenu demo,we invite you to look have a look on the main menu extension on the top .

Unique Features

  • Chose your desired style based from your website colors from a list of pre-built module themes
  • Select the dropdown running effect from slide, fade or both
  • You may disable the JavaScript if you need just a simple and fast running menu with no conflicts whatsoever.
  • Ability to load menu images into each menu item
  • Split exactly the way your require the dropdown by having total control to the full dropdown width, to each column width and the number of menu items to display to each column.
  • Ability to load any Joomla Module to the dropdown by selecting either from the Module Name of from the Module Position.

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