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IceSlideshow module marks another immense milestone at IceTheme. We can say without any single doubt that this module is one of the best ever built Joomla Extensions by our club and also on all the Joomla! market as well. But... why?!

The main goal that we had before building our IceSlideShow module was to create a module that was easy to set up. Is that all?

Of course not...

The IceSlideShow module features some special transition effects ready for you through the module parameters so that you can choose the effect that you like most. The most interesting effects are the Ken-Burn and Panning. Also, once you have enabled the Autoplay option your visitors will see a nice loading bar to show them when the next image will change.

Going back to the main goal, besides the traditional way of choosing the articles from a category, we have made it possible to choose the image, description and the link URL directly through the module paramters. This will save you time as all you have to do is work with the module parameters.

Moreover, the IceSlideShow module features the new CSS3 effects for the caption change, arrows display etc.

And most imporatant of all ... its FREE.

IceSlideshow Demo

On the below you can see an iceslideshow demo ,which uses the default theme and image data mode.

Unique Features

  • Choose where do you want to take the images from (content, files, modules ,etc).
  • Select the effects you want to add to the sliding (opacity, zooming, panning, wiping etc.).
  • Timeline displayed on each image.
  • Ability to load menu images into each menu item
  • Easy to change caption.

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