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Ispeed decrease the loading time of your website by compressing, optimizing, merging CSS and JavaScript on your website. With this powerful plugin your website will dramatically decrease the loading time as all CSS and JavaScriopt will be compressied and/or merged. Also you may go one step further and enable Gzip compression technology which can reduce even more the loading time. The other great part of the plugin is the ability to control at your hands the page cache and the browser cache with the parameters. Words are useless to describe how powerful this plugin can be on your website

Ispeed does not have any preview demo.
In order to see his benefits we invite you to have a look on the following screenshots or to inspect your website source code.

IceSpeed disabled


IceSpeed enabled


Here we have the results when we have compressed and merged the CSS (also we have enabled the GZIP compression technology through the parameter below) As you can see from the screenshot we have compressed CSS from 85.7 kb to just 14.9 kb. (more than 500%). But we have also merged the majority of the CSS files into a single one, which means fewer http requests, leading to an even faster website.
The same tests were done for the JavaScript files and with the GZIP technology

Unique Features

  • Optimize and/or Compress and/or Merge CSS and JavaSript files
  • Optimize HTML
  • Ability to exclude/include CSS and JavaScript files
  • Gzip compression technology option ready!
  • Ability to change the JavaScript files order (prevent conflicts)
  • Enable/Disable page cache
  • Enable/Disable browser default cache
  • Ability to clear on the fly the cache
  • You may enable/disable cache to single menu items also

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